Amazon Influencer Program

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Got an audience? Then you can make a pretty penny 

The Amazon Influencer program is offered to content creators to recommend products and services from Amazon. In a nutshell, Amazon will pay you to inspire your audience to shop for their products. This program is one of the highest omission-based programs that Amazon has to date and can be very lucrative for the right influencer. 

What is an Influencer 

An influencer is a person who has the ability to affect the behavior of other people as a result of the size of their audience or their individual persuasiveness

In a nutshell, Influencers are the new celebrities. You might be a big influencer without even knowing it! Influencer marketing is on fire, with companies flocking to these virtual stars for their audiences and credibility in smaller communities of people that they follow or respect. For example: if your favorite singer has 200k followers but only speaks about fashion from time to time -you would likely trust what this person says more than another whose entire account focuses exclusively around music related topics because there’s no frame within which someone can place themselves when offering up advice based solely off personal experience

Most people think influencers are the models you see on Instagram, that mingle with the stars and charge an arm and a leg to shout out your product. 

My Story

I remember when I had my T-shirt business, and there was this makeup influencer, plain looking type lady, very nice. She didn’t wear makeup regularly but she knew how to “beat” a face.

This lady had an audience that loved and respected her so much that they trusted and valued her opinion. On the day that I sponsored her show, I made four figures in my T-shirt business. 

She only charged me $50 to wear my shirt and shout me out. What a blessing she was to me and had over 32K views on that live stream

This is how powerful Influencer Marketing is. I really dive deep into Influencer Marketing in terms of Passive Incomer here. 

How to Become an Amazon Influencer Program:

  1.  Go to Amazon’s Influencer Program Site
  2.  Click Sign up
  3. You can either use your existing customer Account or Create an Account
  4. Choose any of the social media platforms where you have the most influence. This is where they look for follower count, content, and engagement. They want to make sure you have the influence that you say you have 
  5. Once you choose your Social media account, you will be asked to authenticate. If using Facebook or Instagram, you must have a business account. You will then log into your account, and give Amazon permission to gather info
  6. Amazon will then review the info that you provided and make a decision. If approved you can build your store of products you want to share with your audience. 

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The Pros and Cons of the Amazon Influencer Program 

The Amazon Influencer Program is a marketing program that allows social media influencers to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products to their followers. Here are the pros and cons of the program:


  1. High Commission Rates: Influencers can earn up to 10% commission on eligible purchases made through their unique link.
  2. Easy to Join: The program is easy to join and does not require any application fees.
  3. Wide Range of Products: Amazon offers a wide range of products for influencers to promote, from fashion to electronics.
  4. Established Brand: Amazon is a well-established and trusted brand, making it easier for influencers to promote products to their followers.


  1. Strict Guidelines: Amazon has strict guidelines that influencers must follow in order to participate in the program. This includes restrictions on content and promotions.
  2. Limited Reach: Influencers may have a limited reach, particularly if they have a small following although a specific follower count is considered but not required
  3. No Customization: Influencers do not have the ability to customize their affiliate link or the products they promote.
  4. Competitiveness: There is a high level of competition among influencers, which can make it difficult to earn a significant amount of commission.

Overall, the Amazon Influencer Program can be a valuable opportunity for social media influencers to earn passive income by promoting Amazon products. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons and carefully research the program before joining.

Ways Influencers Make Passive Income

The Amazon Influencer Program is a marketing program that allows social media influencers to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products to their followers. Here’s how it works:

Sign up: Social media influencers sign up for the program and create a profile on the Amazon Influencer Program website.

Promote products: Influencers can select from a wide range of Amazon products to promote to their followers. They receive a unique link that tracks their promotions and purchases made through it.

Earn Commission: Influencers earn a commission on eligible purchases made through their unique link. The commission rate can be up to 10% of the purchase price.

Payment: Influencer earnings are tracked and paid on a monthly basis through Amazon Payments.

The Amazon Influencer Program allows influencers to earn passive income by promoting Amazon products to their followers through Affiliate Marketing. Influencers can promote products through their social media channels, blogs, and websites, and earn a commission on eligible purchases made through their unique link.

It is important for influencers to follow the guidelines set by Amazon and to promote products that are relevant and of interest to their followers. By carefully selecting products and promoting them effectively, influencers can maximize their earnings through the Amazon Influencer Program.