Rakuten – Making Passive Income while you Shop.

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Lemme just say before I begin. I love this app and remember I told you I had a problem with being consistent? Okay, so when I show u inside my Lil account don’t laugh.

The fact is I do love it because it is a true way of making money while you shop. 

What is Rakuten

Rakuten is an e-commerce and internet company based in Japan. It is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Japan and provides a wide range of services and products, including online shopping, travel, banking, entertainment, and more.

Rakuten, also formally known as Ebates is a cashback site where you can make money back as you shop. It also allows you to share a link with your audience to get them to sign up for a kickback. 

This type of affiliate marketing is a PPP and well as PPL. 

A company known for cashback, Rakuten has grown into one of the best sites to earn money from your favorite online retailers. This includes big names like Neiman Marcus and Amazon and Walmart! So basically big box retailers pay Rakuten commission but Rakuten gives you part of that commission, make sense?

A lot of people might think that they are getting scammed because there’s no way this could be true but it’s actually not. I have used this site for many years and love it. 

How does Rakuten Work

How this works is you sign up here, by creating your account. **Note if you sign up through my affiliate link we both will get $30 when you make your first purchase. Not bad huh?

So anyways, once your account is created on the homepage, you will see all of the retailers that give cash back and the % you get once you shop there. You can also add the chrome extension that will alert you when cashback is offered when you go to a particular retail website. 

Retails Cashback Stores- herpassiveprofitz

In order to get the commission,  you must initiate by going to the retailer site through Rakuten first. For instance, if I want to shop on walmart.com, I would first go to Rakuten, put in the search bar “ Walmart” and if Walmart is in their database, it will come up. Once the Walmart page loads there is a button that will appear that you click on to grab that “cookie” and you will land on the Walmart website with that cookie attached. So any purchases made from Walmart will result in a cashback and whatever percentage Rakuten is offering on Walmart purchases. In most cases, Walmart’s percentage runs between 3-5%

*Please Note that these percentages vary, and can be lower or may at times double. 

And just for the record, some of these cash-back offers arent small cash returns either. Some of the sites like Xfinity and others of the sort offer $67.50 cash back when you sign up for service.

Here’s Proof:

Who doesn’t shop online? Nobody because Everybody shops online. 

You can also use Rakuten offline as well. Just simply upload the credit or debit card that you will be using for your purchases. Rakuten will link the card and you get some cash back offers as you do online. You can also get double cash back during weekend specials etc.

Double or Triple Cash Back

Rakuten offers incentives to come back and shop through their website which is sometimes triple cash back rewards. Depending on the time whether it’s the holidays or national shopping days…Rakuten is always finding ways to keep you shopping til you drop..

Some of these ways include double cash-back days which it could be for a particular weekend and pertains to the entire website or could just be a particular store where they offer incentives. Whether you shop online or offline, you will be rewarded with the promised incentive.

For instance, if Walmart offers 3% cash back on the regular, then a Triple Cashback weekend gets you 9% for that weekend.


The Big Money Maker

One of the quickest ways to make a lot of cash on this app is by referring your friends and family. As mentioned above,  you can make between $30-$40 per person.  When your friends join through your affiliate link and shop for the first time, you both get cash back

They also provide a share link, where you can share on Facebook and Twitter.

Rakuten’s Ambassador Program

Do you have a large size audience? Well, Rakuten offers special perks for becoming a Rakuten Ambassador. There is a simple sign-up process where they just want your website link and/or social media pages

Influencers’ benefits include:

  1. $50 bonus after every 10th qualified referral, and this is an addition to the $30 affiliate commission per referral. ( A Qualified Referral must make Qualifying Purchase(s) within 90 days of signing up. You and your Referee must be located in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, or Canada to qualify. Offer may be modified or canceled anytime.
  2. Sponsorship Opportunities with some of the big box retailers they work with
  3. Giveaways, swag bags, prizes and so much more
  4. Influencer Support Community- where they will teach best practices

If you are an influencer and want to know more about this program click, here.

If you refuse to take advantage of this piece of passive income. Then making cashback from shopping you were going to do anyway, you’re crazy 🙂

For those who currently use Rakuten, care to share the highest cashback amount you earned on a single purchase?

And go.