Reading is Fundamental to Making Passive Income

Reading is Fundamental to Making Passive Income

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Ain’t it the truth….

I  love to read, I love to gain knowledge on new and exciting things. I remember being a child, I read over 25 books in one month. Now being the old head that I am now, I try to get in at least one book a quarter. Between being a mother, making sure the bills are paid in more ways than one while beating this illness

I think it would be appropriate to mention two apps that I’ve used and still using to make sure I continue to develop by reading. 

While being a mother, working, hustling, and trying to beat this illness has been difficult at times. I remember how much joy reading brought into my life as if it were yesterday. Even now that I’ve grown up quite a bit from the little girl who would read 25 books in one month, I try to read at least one book per quarter and if I’m lucky one per month. 

My favorite books to read back then were fictional love stories. Some of my favorite authors are Omar Tyree, Carl Webber, Zane LOL 

Umm yeah…those books were pure trash…in a good way hehe

Needless to say, I’ve grown a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I judge no one who reads Zane but as a business owner and entrepreneur our taste changes…. sort of. 

Not only that, my eyes are too old to focus and mine literally hurt to focus too hard on something like a book

So What’s better than reading a good book? Listening to it! But how do you enjoy listening without threatening your eyesight or sanity as well-exercised muscles will be more tiring if they’re constantly being worked? 

I have heard from so many millionaires that one of the habits that they all have in common is reading. Readings books about Business, Investing, Sales, etc. At least one book per month

How do you do that with failing eyes?


Lemme tell you, I absolutely love audible. It’s the next best thing and in most cases for me better than reading itself.

The fascinating thing about audible? It helps provide context for what we’re reading!

In a nutshell, Audible is a platform from which Amazon produces and sells audiobooks so that anyone can buy them (without having any subscriptions), and borrow them for streaming with an associated subscription service. When audible first came out I paid roughly $15 a month for 3 credits. Now I believe it’s like $8/month and they added stuff podcast. 

Audiobooks Gifts - herpassiveprofitz

Audiobooks are a thing of the present and future, simply because as we age and eyes get a bit fuzzy and our focus dwindles, audible and audible plus is a great way to get it in. 

limited Plus Catalog –

And right now if you click the banner, you can get a 30 Day trial, and then it’s $7.95 after the trial. And lemme tell ya, it’s worth it. They even have an Audible that you can give as a gift to your friends and family where you choose the term of the subscription. The gift choice com with 1 month, 3 months, or a one-year gift subscription. This comes with 3 credits to start and the catalog

So anyways….getting back to the business at hand.

Benefits of Reading

  1. Mental Stimulation- Our brain literally expands when we read. I.e. we learn new words and therefore we tend to talk better when we read. The more you read, the more you identify with those big words: as we call them are used and become the norm for you. More importantly, reading improves your memory and lowers the risk of getting both Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  2. Reduces Stress– Reading slowly and one word at a time reduces stress and anxiety. Reading provides peace and tranquility as it changes your focus on what you’re reading
  3. Vocabulary Development– Every time you read, you will “learn a big word” and this sets you aside from the rest. Reading any type of book can improve your knowledge and make you feel more confident in groups with people who you may look up to and who are knowledgeable.
  4. Improves Memory – The human brain is a powerful organ. It can retain incredible amounts of information and create new connections with every memory we have! Reading helps you strengthen your existing memories, improves short-term storage (the ability to remember things quickly), and stabilizes your mood.

Reading and Passive Income

So, how does Reading benefit you, and could it help you make passive Income? The short answer is yes

Let me explain…

Remember Passive income is earning money ongoing. Putting in work ahead of time and reaping the benefits of that one product over and over again later.

So how can one create a passive income stream through reading? Well without reinventing the wheel, you can literally record your own book for those who prefer to hear them versus read them.

So How can you create Passive Income?

Record an Audiobook

We all know that having your own digital products is a great way to make passive income. Whether you are recording your own audiobook or someone else’s, you can definitely profit from this stream of income

The ACX marketplace is an amazing place for authors, publishers, and Rights Holders to find narrators who can produce a finished audiobook. The more voices in the market mean that there will be even greater variety when it comes time to create your next listen! Not only that, you can narrate your own book. 

The key to making a passive income doing this is being strategic. By this I mean, most people that pay to have their book recorded usually pay one time, and then it’s done. The idea of recurring income is instead of charging fully upfront, you charge royalties.

Royalties work kind of like album/CD sales, as an artist you record your song but you only make money ( usually a negotiated percentage) as each record is sold. This is called royalties. In your case, they will be called a commission or royalties just the same. Every time this product is sold that has your voice on it, you will get paid, 10, 15, or even 20 years from that point.

Recording your Own Audiobook

This will probably be the most strenuous part of the process, Recording your book. Depending on how long your book is, it could take some time, especially for those who have never produced anything

Getting high-quality recording equipment is essential to have a premium sound.

My suggestion would be podcast equipment: It comes with all the recording components that you need, and The ACX marketplace serves as a place for recording both Recoding audio for yourself and others.  

Are you Reading one book per month? This is essential to business growth on your entrepreneurial journey.

Bill Gates Reads 50 Books A Year – The world’s most successful CEOs say reading is the key to their success. If that’s true, can you really afford not to read more?

Books that I recommend

My Love for reading will never cease, but thank God for technology and ever-evolving ideas that allow for those of us with less-than-perfect eyesight. LOL

The books that I am about to mention range anywhere from Business to Mindset:

Let’s share in the comments some good books to read